Corporate Party Venues: Theme Parks, Number One for Fun!

Does your business need to liven things up for your next corporate party? Theme parks can be a fantastic option. You’ll notice a boost in attendance, because employees will have the opportunity to let their hair down and do their own thing for a while, rather than be stuck seated at yet another boring staff dinner. A theme park venue is useful in reducing the formality people often feel restricted to at corporate functions. Employees will be able to engage with each other differently. It can also help build employee relations back at work, like a bonding experience. Choose one of the best corporate event venue and impress you guests…


Planning the Event

Holding a corporate party at a theme park leaves a lot of room for employee involvement in planning the party. It can be fun to elect a small committee to oversee planning the event. It means that employees feel like the party is their own, not just an event their bosses are expecting them to attend. They can make sure the event is going to suit all the employees, whether it means catering to their dietary requirements or including activities that everyone will enjoy and strengthened the team.

Benefits for Partners

Theme parks are also a great way for staff partners to be involved. It can be boring to attend a corporate function of your partner’s work. Holding it at a theme park helps partners feel more like part of the group, rather than just ‘plus-ones’.

Food Options

It is a great idea to hold a private dinner for the company, followed by fireworks for the ultimate wow factor. The good news is, theme parks are used to catering for a variety of dietary requirements and food preferences. You may even be able to choose a theme for the catering, suited to the theme park you have chosen.


Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms can be a great start and end point for the function so that people don’t get too caught up in doing their own thing and return to the group. It is also an ideal meeting point if you have activities or shows scheduled throughout the function. Conference rooms are obviously fantastic if you are holding a meeting for a particular purpose within the function, but also as an arena where people can mingle together for some time, improving communication and workplace relations. Try holding an hour of drinks and canapes for everyone to get to know each other a little better before setting off to see a show or beginning adventures on rides. Be sure to make sure the room you hire is large enough for the number of people attending.


Rides are the activities most people think of when they consider going to a theme park. Rides are an excellent way to get adrenalin pumping and get rid of any frustration you may have held about the working week. Rides are also a great way to have fun outdoors. Most corporate events are held indoors, so for people that have been inside working all week, it makes a great change to send them out into the fresh air.


A lot of people love animals, and animals are also perfect for relaxation and boosting moods. Going to a sea-themed park provides many opportunities to view animals and often leaves people with a feeling of awe. It is also a great conversation starter.


Shows are an excellent way to keep everyone together while having fun. They provide excellent entertainment and take everyone’s minds off any thoughts they may be having about the working week ahead because it’s difficult not to think about work when you are surrounded by the people who work with you. Shows are also an excellent option for those who prefer not to go on rides. They are multi-generational, so there is a good chance all employees will enjoy a show. It also gives everyone something in common to discuss.

Expanding the Event

A lot of theme parks also offer accommodation which can be included in theme park entry as a package. It provides employees with the opportunity to turn a one-night event into a weekend getaway with their loved one, and maximise the enjoyment your function has provided.

Often you may have the opportunity to hold the event after-hours, which mean that everyone can get the most out of their time without competing with crowds, and maintain the feeling that everyone is there in a group. There are so many reasons which make theme parks a top choice for a corporate party venue!